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Launching: September 1991
Launching Monkey Gym in USA: February 2000
Exclusive Distributor for Monkey Gym in USA, Mexico and Canada

As a result of the construction, of positive assessments, our ideas were to become reality.

When considering the developing of a high quality and varied indoor game-and sports equipment, we thought of two main criteria.

On one hand, the space requirements for the equipment had to be limited, the assembling should to be simple and independent, without the need for the taking of any additional construction measures. At the same time we still wanted the equipment to be usable not only for children, but also for adults.

On the other hand, we wanted to develop a play-and sports-equipment, which would not be discarded after one year's use, but which would continue to enthuse children for a long time. To the end the equipment had to be sufficiently adaptable in accordance with the age of the children. It was therefore particularly important, that the use of the equipment should not only enable children to carry out certain exercises, but to stimulate them mentally by firing their creative imagination to invent their own exercises.

Educational Sports and medical sport expert assessments have highlighted the exceptionally high value of the equipment I both fields.

The award of the BERLIN HEALTH PRIZE has tended to impressively endorse these assessments.

A growing number of attractive attachments have contributed towards a further rise in the value and diversity of the Monkey Gym.

New examinations by the year 2000 in fair proved to us again with certainty that Monkey Gym was in keeping with the highest safety standards.

Reliable delivery services together with quality constitute the basis for our high safety standards and for the confidence of our trading partners in USA, Mexico and Canada.